Welcome to the HPRC File Transfer Service

Current version : 1.8.5

HPRC is a file transfer service enabling large document exchange between customers/partners and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HPRC provides the transport mechanism only and is not responsible for the files transferred nor the overall (total Internet) end-to-end solution. HPRC may only be used for Hewlett Packard Enterprise company business. HPRC is not backed up and is not a repository. Most HPRC drop boxes are subject to disk quota limits. Files should be removed after successful transfer. Use of HPRC implies acceptance of the HPRC Terms of Use and Service.

This HPRC UI supports file transfer using the HTTPS protocol and is intended only for use by customers or Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners who have disabled SFTP and FTPS in their firewalls. The normal, recommended protocols for file transfers are SFTP (encrypted connection) and FTPS (encrypted connection) because these protocols are more efficient and require fewer system resources. Note that SFTP and FTPS use encryption.

We can validate the fingerprint while connecting using SFTP or FTPS protocol using the link : Validate Fingerprint.


To use the HPRC file transfer service over the HTTPS protocol, please login using the drop box account name and password supplied to you by your Hewlett Packard Enterprise contact:

Check here to indicate that you have read and accept the HPRC Terms of Use & Service